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How do I place an order?

We happily accept online and offline orders. To order online, go to Shop on the menu above.

To order via e-mail please e-mail us at

To order over the phone, simply give us a shout! 

How do I get a quote on custom honor items?

Please e-mail us at

How do I order with a PO?

When ordering online, simply click the button for "Purchase with a Purchase Order" when you are checking out. Otherwise, put your PO # on the form before sending it our way. 

Can I place my order while waiting on a PO? 

Yes! If you choose to purchase with a purchase order, we will reach out to you within 2 business days to receive purchase order. We will delay processing your order until the PO has been received unless you are a repeat customer.

What if I'm tax exempt?

You can order items through us but there a few steps that will need to take place to ensure smooth processing.

When checking out, in the special instructions, note that you are tax exempt and e-mail us your tax exemption paperwork clearly listing who you are and how its in relation to your order on The Honor Store site.

When ordering with a credit card, you will be refunded the tax amount after the order has been processed and you have submitted your tax exemption paperwork.

When ordering with a PO, please create your PO using the total $ amount for the goods purchased and shipping. Do not include tax as it will then have to be refunded at a later time.

What if I'm not happy with the quality?

Please visit our Returns & Exchanges page for all the details. Our goal is to make your shopping experience amazing, period.

 How long does it take to get my items?

 Please visit Shipping & Handling